Plano Estrategico

Marketing Plan:

We take care of all necessary strategies in positioning and selling your project or company.

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Mídias Sociais + Blog

Social Media:

We find, capture and communicate with your audience.

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Domain, server and layout of your website with or without e-commerce. Check out some of what we’ve done: – – –

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Plano Estrategico


Developing, best practices, monitoring and maintenance of Facebook Ads campaigns, Google Adwords and Youtube Ads.

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We develop native applications for Apple (iPhone, iPad) and Google (Android) as well as functional HTML5 that works on any smartphone. Know what we can do: Luan Santana Paula Fernandes jota-quest O Rappa
Luan Santana – Paula Fernandes – O Rappa
White Label


Distribuição Física

Digital and Physical Distribution:

Sell our music digitally around the world including iTunes, youtube, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, mobile operators and over 86 stores. We can develop and distribute any physical product internationally.

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We produce content as vídeos, lyric vídeos, audio recordings and photography.

Levi’s: Click here
Minalba: Click here
Lyric video: Click here
lyric video 3d test (5 secs): Click here

Photos: Click here

Audio recordings made in our studios: Click here