Opinions About Us

ANDREIA MOTA “A light at the end of the tunnel! At the beginning it was hard to understand how the activities would unfold, but after I realized how much I have grown because of Matanay, with more fans in concerts and social media contacts. It was as if I became more conscious of what I had to do, and it had nothing to do with luck. It’s hard work that requires laser precision.”

MARCOS VON KILZER (Coqueiro Verde) “A very professional company, that organized our digital sales department, making it more efficient, profitable and also landing more selling contracts for us.”

ZUZA ZAPATA “It was a very nice surprise. I thought the planning was superficial, but it was very well elaborated. Matanay built my own career path so I would have a more solid future and projected my work in a clearer and broader way, nothing like the first project that I developed without them. The constant meetings make a huge difference!”

DEZO MOTA “Just amazing work. They made sure all tasks and commitments met their deadlines, and made the project cheaper and shorter without compromising any quality. I was absolutely astonished by the results, from the executive production, A&R and music directing, to the graphic design of the album and the entire experience of working with such a professional team.”



Plano Estrategico

Marketing Plan:

We take care of all necessary strategies in positioning and selling your project or company.

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Mídias Sociais + Blog

Social Media:

We find, capture and communicate with your audience.

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Domain, server and layout of your website with or without e-commerce. Check out some of what we’ve done:

grupopuroacaso.com.br – francoiseforton.com – riolifestylefestival.com – corcovadoguesthouse.com.br

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Plano Estrategico


Developing, best practices, monitoring and maintenance of Facebook Ads campaigns, Google Adwords and Youtube Ads.

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We develop native applications for Apple (iPhone, iPad) and Google (Android) as well as functional HTML5 that works on any smartphone. Know what we can do: Luan Santana Paula Fernandes jota-quest O Rappa
Luan Santana – Paula Fernandes – O Rappa
White Label


Distribuição Física

Digital and Physical Distribution:

Sell our music digitally around the world including iTunes, youtube, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, mobile operators and over 86 stores. We can develop and distribute any physical product internationally.

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We produce content as vídeos, lyric vídeos, audio recordings and photography.

Levi’s: Click here
Minalba: Click here
Lyric video: Click here
lyric video 3d test (5 secs): Click here

Photos: Click here

Audio recordings made in our studios: Click here





The Company


The word “Matanay” has an African origin and means “He who cheats death”. For us this name symbolizes the twists and turns of the current market, and at the same time, it indicates a new way of looking at not only the music industry, but any other market these days.

Matanay intends to be a strategic service to help identify strengths and weaknesses, generating an action plan on the objectives to be achieved, and if chosen, operationalize the execution of such plan.

Our efforts lies not only to make your website, manage content on your social media and make e-mail blasts. We find the best strategy, provide the best available tools and better communicate with your target audience, producing features “out of the box”. The keywords are “objective” and “strategy”.


Get in thouch to know more about our services and prices. Call us to ask whatever you want!

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+55 21 3025-9876